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Stitcher Head Repair Service


HOHNER Lube specification

As needed or about every 16 hours of operation, apply first-rate oil only, never a viscous mineral oil or spray lubricants. Hohner recommends a sliding oil with viscosity grade 65-70 (ISO-viscosity grade according to DIN 51 519, or SAE 20 wt).


FELT DISC: don’t forget to occasionally rotate and oil the felt discs on the wire bow. These felt disc have two main functions first to clean wire and second to lightly lubricate the stitching wire. This helps prevent wire from jamming in lower tubes.

ONE-WAY BEARING: use only Hohner Part No.; 4500000 Kluber Isoflex NBU-15 Grease in one-way bearing Part No.: 4400037. Failure to use proper grease in this bearing will resulting wire length variations.