Stitcher Head Repair

Acme_Stitcher_HeadAfter time, all stitcher heads need service. When your head show signs of trouble producing satisfactory stitches or becomes too dirty, remove the head and send it to us for service. It is recommended that you have a spare replacement head on hand, keeping machine down time to a minimum. Ask us about our replacement heads.

We sell new, (used and rebuild when available) heads.

Factory dealer for: Hohner, Deluxe Stitcher, ISP and Interlake

Send us your stitcher heads for fast professional service.  It typically takes about one week turn around. We completely disassemble the head and thoroughly check every part. Old parts are returned for your inspection.

Hohner  $110.00 + Parts
Deluxe/Bostitch/ISP/Acme/Interlake 26 style  $80.00 + Parts
Muller  $110.00 + Parts

Ship to:
Double Equipment
8740 Pawnee Rd
Homerville, OH 44235