Hohner Stitching Products

HOHNER 43/6S – The Hohner-Mini … when there isn’t much room …

The stitching head with a sensational, minimum distance between stitch centers reduced down to 43 mm. (1.7″)

  • Operator friendliness, manageability & accessibility (for example fastening from the front)
  • Tool less wire length and cutting box adjustment for different thickness in seconds
  • Extremely easy conversion between standard and loop stitching with exchange parts sets
  • 14.000 stitches per hour
  • Minimum distance between stitch centers down to 43 mm
  • Now more wear resistant with redesigned parts

Hohner 52/8S – The Fast All-Rounder … for all applications …

With its optional exchange parts sets for various crown widths, loop diameters and wire types it is still the most flexible and versatile stitching head on the market.

  • Suitable for high speeds of up to 20.000 stitches per hour
  • Extreme staple diversity
  • High flexibility due to the availability of optional exchange parts for various stitching and wire types – saves costs
  • Central adjustment of wire length and stitching thick nesses in seconds
  • Now with aluminum case
  • In comparison with the Universal 52/8, operator friendly and tool less wire length adjustment
  • Removable, very narrow and sturdy centering device

Hohner M45/6

Hohner_M_45_6_The Eliminator … Hohner’s answer to the competition …With this stitching head all users of Müller Martini, Osako and Purlux can also enjoy Hohner quality and reliability.

  • Specially developed for Müller Martini, Osako and Purlux saddle binders
  • One for three: Replaces the 3 original Müller Martini heads HK 75, 55 and 45
  • Tool less wire length and cutting box adjustment for stitching thick nesses in seconds
  • Accommodates stitching thick nesses from 2 sheets to 6 mm
  • Suitable for multiple applications due to its narrow design and 45 mm minimum between stitch distance centers
  • Typical Hohner: the left centering device provides the narrowest possible distance between stitch centers