Bostitch-Interlake Support


Stitcher Head Repair Service

Lubricate your heads regularly. By LIGHTLY lubricating the head often it will run much cleaner, to lubricate HEAVILY on occasion will only produce an oily mess on your work. Always refer to the OEM owners manual that came with your head for detailed instructions and safety information. Use only the manufacture’s recommended lube, normally a light 10 or 20 weight machine oil. Do NOT USE MOTOR oils, use only machine oils.

If you use the heads every day, lubricate each point with ONE DROP of oil daily. If you use you head occasionally, lubricated head every time you put a new 5 pound spool of wire or every month, which ever comes first.

A. Inject lube into hole, or remove and lube shaft.

B. Remove rotator spring and lube shaft.

C. Inject a small amount of lube on cam surface of driver bar above and below grip housing.

D. Wipe area clean, and inject a small amount of lube on grip release cam

E. Wipe driver clean, and apply a layer of lube.

F. Inject lube into cutter operating slide.

G. Very important! Remove rotator and clean inside of rotator holder.

H. Carefully clean the rotator and apply lube to its body.

I. Apply lube to the rotator’s ramp.

L. Lube grooves on both RH and LH sides of head.